Andrew Brenlan is a movement coach and Certified Personal Trainer, and is passionate about helping people fully live into their awesome bodies.  As a body-positive movement professional, Andrew encourages clients to explore movement and cultivate joy, gratefulness, and confidence in their bodies.  He believes that sustainable fitness comes from daily movement habits and food choices that build our capacity to grow, nurture, and heal ourselves.  

Andrew will help you set up regular, small wins to achieve your goals, move mindfully, and prevent injury.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone who wants to maintain their active lifestyle, Andrew will help you realize the strong, resilient, radiant self who’s always been within you (and who wants to come out to play!).

Andrew grew up having fun in the outdoors of Montana, and from a young age has loved inline skating, soccer, handstands, snowboarding, dancing, hiking, juggling, and having a good time in motion. His passion for fitness developed out of his own journey from injury and chronic pain into mindful movement and healing.  Andrew teaches fitness classes at Seattle Bouldering Project and has taught circus arts at SANCA.  He has also taught after-school inline skate classes with Skate Journeys, and is the founder of Sound Body Movement LLC.

Training Focus
Movement & Conditioning for Skating Athletes
Functional Aging & Senior Fitness
Movement Training for Longevity

Neuro-muscular coordination
Bodyweight strength & mobility
Barefoot, quadruped, & locomotion training
Sports conditioning / Athletic development
Youth, family, & recreational movement & play
Mindful movement, mindful eating
Body-positive fitness

As I delved further into a career in Chicago as a theater sound designer and composer, I realized that my lifestyle was not leading me down a path of movement longevity. Between sitting for hours on a computer in a dark theater, to eating out regularly to accommodate my busy schedule, I was not getting the real nutrition that I needed: regular, varied movement and real, wholesome foods. Now that I have movement and foods that nourish me, my life has taken a turn for the better. I have a passion for movement in all forms, and I’m always excited to have somebody teach me something new.